Christian Community Churches of Australia

Craigmore Christian Church is a member of the Christian Community Churches of Australia. CCCAust, is a ministry raised up by God to support the community of churches across Australia who share a common heritage, beliefs and values.
While we are all independent and to a great extent autonomous, there are many aspects of the work to which God has called us which we cannot do in isolation. In so many endeavours we need to work together. To support overseas and cross-cultural missionary work, to run campsites, to provide theological and ministry leadership training, to raise funds for buildings like churches and schools we need each others support.
Craigmore Christian Church sees that CCCAust has a vital role in helping to facilitate that network. We are grateful for the way it is committed to serving us, along with all the various associated service ministries which include our missionary support arm “Australian Missionary Tidings”, our camping ministry “Christian Youth Camps”, our various teaching institutions and bible colleges, like “GLO” and “Emmaus Bible College”, and our financial foundations like “Stewards Foundation” etc.
All of these organisations are in a sense separate service ministries raised up to serve us and the various churches which together with us make up the diverse community of independent churches, with which we are bound together by our mutual fellowship and life.
We would encourage you to follow the link and visit Christian Community Church’s of Australia’s website, at