Hope Christian College

For further information visit the Hope Christian College website at hopecc.sa.edu.au
In 1981 Craigmore Christian Church began the Craigmore Christian School which in 2014 underwent a new name and is now Hope Christian College.  Today it has a student enrolment of around 600, from Reception to Year 12, and it is growing quickly towards the capacity of the current site of 700.
We recognise that each of our students has unique God-given talents and abilities. We believe that if they are to truly find their purpose and fulfil their potential in this life, they need to come to know the One who created them.
Our school is about partnership with parents. For that partnership to work we each need to understand where the other is coming from. When people who don’t have any background in Christianity enrol their kids in our school, we think it is important for them to know what influence a Christian education is going to have on them.
That’s why we ask families who don’t go to church to take the time to find out what being Christian means. We use a non-denominational course called “Introducing Hope.” We have many families who are not “church” people. Ultimately we respect that peoples’ response to God is their business. But everyone in our school community understands and values the benefits of Christian education. Many families come to our school with no more than a vague respect for Christian things to discover along the way the reality of knowing Christ personally.