What Makes Us Tick


Our Core Values – What Matters To Us

In 2002, we studied the Book of Acts and found the following eight things are what mattered to the early church. They are also the things that matter to us too…
  • the Pre-eminence and Lordship of the resurrected Jesus Christ,
  • a deep, and expectant, dependence upon the Holy Spirit for His filling and empowering.
  • a whole-hearted submission to the absolute authority of the Word of God,
  • a dependence on, and an intimacy with God expressed through prayer, and the meditation on His Word,
  • a deep commitment to fellowship with the local body of believers, characterised by submission and sacrificial service,
  • a sense of calling, and a passion for the mission of reaching a lost world with the gospel of faith and repentance,
  • the worth of every person, created in God’s image, tho’ tragically lost, yet for whom Christ died to redeem, in order to transform into His own likeness and powerfully use.
  • the expectation of dynamic growth of the church, in number, in extent of influence, and in Christ-like character.

Our Mission – Why We Are Here

“Craigmore Christian Church exists to raise up disciples of Jesus Christ to reach a lost world.”
These words resonate with Matthew 28:19-20. They touch on both the global scope and  personal depth of the Great Commission. Making disciples is the church’s business. “Raising up disciples” implies that those who are reached by our mission in turn embrace it themselves. The term “disciple” implies qualities that Jesus Himself prescribed. A New Testament disciple is someone who…
  • Puts Christ first in his life and is taking steps to separate from sin
  • Maintains a rich daily devotional life, and is developing his prayer life
  • Continues in the Word through regular study, memorisation and application
  • Demonstrates Christ’s love by identifying with and serving other believers
  • Identifies with Jesus Christ and is actively sharing his faith
  • Is a learner, open and teachable

Our Vision – Where Are We Going

“Vision” is seeing what it will be like when we are succeeding. The profile above paints this picture for us individually, but as a church we are aiming …
  • for sustained growth and on-going leadership development through church-planting
  • for an ever broadening base to send and support effective labourers for World Mission
  • to maintain a congregation of 500, and a leadership core of 12 disciple-making families
  • to see a new church planted and a new missionary endeavour commissioned every five years

Our Strategy – How Are We Going To Get There

Embedded in our mission statement are three steps, each of which build upon one another in turn, like the tiers in a wedding cake;
  • Evangelising – Bringing lost people back to God. (See Acts 14:21)
  • Establishing – Building disciples to maturity in Christ. (See Acts 14:22)
  • Equipping – Developing leaders to fruitful living. (See Acts 14:23)
  • When we build into others lives to help them fulfil their potential, (as Paul the apostle charged Timothy in 2 Tim 2:2).
Then the power of multiplication kicks in as Jesus intended, and the task He left us to accomplish becomes achievable.