Where We’ve Come From


Our History

Craigmore Christian Church is affiliated with the Christian Community Churches of Australia.
Our story began in 1962, when the new City of Elizabeth just north of Adelaide was being built. One of the many hundreds of construction workers involved in building the city was a man named Bill Springham. He had a passion to share the gospel of Jesus with the people who were moving into this fledgling community. He with his friends Murray & Heather Jackson began a Sunday School in Elizabeth Park Primary School in the new satellite city.
The Elizabeth Christian Church began to meet a little while later in the home of Ron & Lib Sweetman. The church fellowship grew and eventually moved to its new building on the corner of Hart Street and Yorktown Road in 1967, where it continued until May 1981.
Due to God’s blessing, the growth of the church congregation and the need for larger facilities for the newly established Craigmore Christian School, Elizabeth Christian Church moved up the hill to 213 Yorktown Road, Craigmore where it is today, and changed its name to Craigmore Christian Church.
Over the years God has continued to bless and grow both the church and the school ministry and we have continued expanding on the same property at Craigmore.
Early after the move to Craigmore, Yangala Retirement Village was built through the generosity of the church and a number of its Christian friends. The Craigmore Christian Community Inc. is a ministry of the Craigmore Christian Church, through which it operates the 19 unit village on the corner of Blair Park Drive and Carinya Street.
In 2010 Craigmore Christian Church moved into its new church facilities comprising of a 1000 seat auditorium, a café area, the church offices and other facilities. The school shares the site, and with the church jointly operates a new gymnasium, as part of wonderful new classrooms, administration and library. All of this was provided wonderfully by the generosity of God’s people.
In 2011 further buildings were added to the impressive complex, courtesy of the the Federal Governments Building Education Revolution which extended the existing complex with both primary classrooms and secondary science laboratories.

Our Heritage

In the mid 1800’s, a movement under the leadership of men like George Mueller began in Ireland & England in reaction to church restrictions on Communion. Believing that the only basis for sharing in Communion was saving faith in Christ, without the mediation of any human Priesthood, they met in homes to celebrate Communion in a very simple way. Their spontaneous worship focussed around the Lord’s Table is regarded by many church historians as the purest expression of primitive Christianity since the early church. Their leadership in autonomous local assemblies was relatively unstructured relying on a plurality of lay Eldership rather than paid clergy or a denominational hierarchy. They were marked by their strong commitment to the authority of the Bible, to sound doctrine and thorough biblical teaching, and to a profound dependence on the Holy Spirit’s enabling and empowering.
At Craigmore Christian Church, we still hold to many of our distinctives to this day and our membership of Christian Community Churches of Australia reflects this history and heritage.